Chapter outings are led by volunteers who are willing to share their knowledge and experience with you. Outings are open to members of any chapter, and may be found here. If you see something you're interested in, contact the leader by phone or email. For more advanced outings, leaders may ask a few screening questions about your gear, experience level, and fitness to ensure the safety and enjoyment of the whole group. If you are unsure whether an outing is suitable to your ability, talk to the leader and they can help you decide. 

On an outing, please stay with the group at all times.  Make sure the leader is aware if you must leave the group for any reason. Dress properly for the type outing and the weather, be prepared for changing weather conditions, and ask the leader if you are unsure about what to wear or pack. 


The leader may arrange carpooling for out of town trips. Passengers are expected to contribute toward the cost of transportation.


There are risks involved in outdoor recreation. Anyone participating does so at their own risk, and is required to sign the Release of Liability Form provided by the leader.


Please contact the leader in advance if you would like to bring a dog. Not all outings are suitable for dogs, and leader ultimately makes the decision whether dogs are allowed.

Hike Ratings

A+ - Very Strenuous (4,000' gain, 10+ miles, 10+ hours)

A -  Strenuous (3,000' gain, 5-10 miles, 8-10 hours)

B+ - Moderately Strenuous (2,000' gain, 5-10 miles, 6-8 hours)

B - Moderate (1,000' gain, 8-10 miles, 5-7 hours)

C+ - Fairly Easy (1,000' gain, 5-8 miles, 4-6 hours)

C - Easy (< 1,000' gain, < 5 miles, <5 hours)